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The internet contains a wealth of information that billions of searches are done every day from something as simple as recipe for baking apple pie to the mind boggling question why the zebra has stripes. These searches can become a lode mine for any business owner looking for a steady flow of potential customers. 

  An easy, cost-effective method for gaining people who need, want, and are willing to pay for services is the blog. But, first you must have a good strategy in place. 

  Keyword Knowledge 
 Keywords are search terms ideal clients use to find answers to their questions. Knowledge of keywords can guide you in creating blog posts that: 

 Attract the right visitors to your site 

  • Promote you as the expert in your niche 

  • Facilitate ideal clients finding you and knowing you and the services you offer 

Captured Audience 
  Although using keywords in your blog posts is helpful, it is more important that your content is written to capture your audience. Your blog posts should engage, inform, and even entertain your readers. But, most of all it must be easy to comprehend to the average layman. 

 Marketing content – and blogging, by extension – is very much a numbers game. The principle is with more content produced comes greater results. So, it is imperative to set and adhere to a content production schedule.   

Focused Long-Term Goals 
 The goal is long-term sustainability over fast business growth. Blog posts today still work for you in the future and may continue to bring in more traffic and potential clients. 

 Good SEO Practices Application 
 Great bloggers use varied techniques to attract more readers aside from keywords. They may apply strategies that: 

 Link to authority sites from within the blog 
  • Link internally to other, related content on the site itself 

  • Break up long text passages using graphics and sub-headlines  

  • Write compelling meta descriptions carefully 

  • Create content that other sites will link to 

Blog Promotion 
Creating new blog posts gives you an opportunity to promote yourself. Share content on social media and encourage your readers to do the same. Share your blog posts on your Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and anywhere else potential ideal clients can read them.   

Eclectic Content 
 Blog posts don’t necessarily have to be word articles. Make your posts more interesting by incorporating videos, infographics, and audio. You may also create short opinion pieces and use curated content.   

Fun & Style 
 Blog posts attract more traffic when readers “see” your personality through your writing. Have fun with producing your content and your readers will enjoy it as well. The more fun you have creating your blog posts will reflect on your content and make you consistent. 

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Was there ever a time when you thought of hiring savvy email marketers and content creators to keep in touch with prospective clients and encourage them to buy your products or services? 

 Putting in place simple, easy systems can replace an expensive sales team with automated tools that keep your products and services in front of potential clients. This will not only bring in more income, but it will also be hands-free. All you really need to do is have a little forethought. 

Tip 1-Autoresponder

 The first tool you must have is an autoresponder system. The autoresponder is a series of pre-programmed emails that go out on a schedule you already planned out. They are written in such a way that you engage your audience and pull readers further into your funnel.  

 An autoresponder series typically consists of at least seven emails which are used as a lead generating tool. You create an opt-in on your website with (for example) “seven tips to be productive despite the summer heat” or “inspiring motivations for the busy mompreneur.” Upon filling out the form, your reader is automatically added to your autoresponder list, and now you have her attention with every email. 

 The most important detail though is to create specific calls to action in your series. It is not enough that you provide your reader with tips, you have to give her the opportunity to buy your products and services. 

 If you do this right, the autoresponder can keep cash flowing in, even when your business is down. 

 The quickest way to get your autoresponder set up and running is to use a tried and tested email provider like AWeber. Setting it up is a breeze and extremely low cost. And, you’ll find a lot of VAs experienced with it who can help you out if you get stuck.

Tip 2- Recycle products and repurpose content  

 To start, go over your most popular blog posts and products. You may repurpose old posts to provide valuable content to subscribers, with a natural upsell to matching products or services. 

Tip 3 - Think FAQ

 Another tip is to think of all those frequently asked questions, conversations that keep on popping up again and again, and the ideas discussed by your social connections and even competitors. These nuggets can be the building blocks of your autoresponder series that will compel your readers to read. Surely, when clients read, they will eventually buy. 

 Moving through your series will require you to make more valuable subsequent offers, you may even throw in an occasional discount offer. 

 In fact, using more sophisticated systems like Infusionsoft or AWeber with the AW Pro Tools add-on can move people between autoresponders easily based on their actions and responses.

Simply put, they will see exactly only the offers they want and need. This makes selling via email super productive and completely automated.


Overly successful momtrepreneurs and small business owners have a lot of things in common. But, it is not experience, nor extraordinary skills, not even a powerful drive. 

 These things contribute to business growth, but they are not prerequisites to success. No one is born with experiences or skills and plenty of successful people lack drive. 

 The determining factor is actually your “why”. 

 Why are you working as a consultant? Why do you work on your computer every week? Why do you stay up late but get up early just to work on growing your business? 

 This “why” is what propels you towards success. But, it is not the same for everyone. Each one of us has a different why. This is something deeply compelling and utterly personal. 

 A good example is someone who survives domestic abuse and spends 60 to 70 hours every week mentoring other victims of abuse and counseling couples on ways to break the cycle. A strong desire to prevent other women from suffering her fate is her why. 

 Another why could arise from your desire to spend more time with your kids and still support you family because you don’t want to send your kids to daycare. 

 And still, another compelling why comes out of a young, fresh graduate entrepreneur’s dream of earning a good income so she can travel the world while she is still young enough to enjoy it after watching her parents work for 40 years and retire yet find themselves barely subsisting on their pensions. 

 Ask yourself today, what is your “why”? It could be the freedom to travel, the opportunity to spend more time with your family, the ability to take weeks off at a time to care for an ailing family member, or even earn enough money for charity or a cause dear to your heart. 

No matter what it is, this “why” will be the driving force behind each and every action you take. Every time you decide on a course of action, always ask yourself if it is aligned with your “why”. Every time you set goals, ask yourself if those goals are going to take you closer to your why. When you are faced with branching out on a new business venture, make sure it is aligned with your why, and you’ll see that success is so much easier and achievable.

A website is an asset for anyone who is in business. Your website is where prospective clients find and get to know you. Your website visitors will use it to learn more about you. It is the avenue for selling your products and services, gathering leads, branding yourself in your chosen niche, and basically showing off what you do the best. It is also the spot to host your webinars, offer group coaching programs, publish your podcasts, create your blogs, and even set up appointments for customers.  Isn’t that quite a feat to accomplish multiple tasks with just one website? And choosing an all in one content management system like WordPress can make it easy to do all those jobs more. 
  1. Simple and Quick Website Set Up
Using WordPress can help you create and go live on the internet in the time it takes to finish your morning tea. And it will take only about 5 minutes to create your website with “one-click installs” for WordPress offered by hosting companies. All that you need to complete the process after that is choosing a theme and adding content.   WordPress is easy and simple to use even for non-technically inclined people. And you can quickly find answers to all your questions from “how do I install WordPress” to “how can I create a membership site” with just a Google search because it has a huge community of helpful users. 
  1. Your Site, Your Style
It is easy to find a look that is the right fit for your brand and business because of the availability of thousands of free and premium themes. Customizing your website is a breeze with many themes offering easy, drag-and-drop editing of layouts, colors, and more. But, if you really want something designed just for you, there are thousands of capable developers who can build a design to your exact specifications. 
  1. Plugins Add Greater Flexibility
WordPress earned popularity early on by making this technical chore easy for new bloggers. Even though it was originally designed as a blogging platform, it is no longer known today as just a blogging tool. Instead, site owners use WordPress as the basis for: 
  • Shopping carts 
  • Membership sites 
  • Sales pages 
  • Wikis 
  • Personal journals 
  • Online directories 
  • Non-profit fundraising 
  • Video blogging 
  • Podcasting 
  • News sites 
  • Recipe blogs 
  • Photography sites 
  • And many more 
Combining themes and plugins – small software add-ons that install directly into your WordPress site – provide endless possibilities, so no matter what you require from a website, chances are good that WordPress can handle it. Its simply the number one website builder that does it all. 

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