The internet contains a wealth of information that billions of searches are done every day from something as simple as recipe for baking apple pie to the mind boggling question why the zebra has stripes. These searches can become a lode mine for any business owner looking for a steady flow of potential customers. 

  An easy, cost-effective method for gaining people who need, want, and are willing to pay for services is the blog. But, first you must have a good strategy in place. 

  Keyword Knowledge 
 Keywords are search terms ideal clients use to find answers to their questions. Knowledge of keywords can guide you in creating blog posts that: 

 Attract the right visitors to your site 

  • Promote you as the expert in your niche 

  • Facilitate ideal clients finding you and knowing you and the services you offer 

Captured Audience 
  Although using keywords in your blog posts is helpful, it is more important that your content is written to capture your audience. Your blog posts should engage, inform, and even entertain your readers. But, most of all it must be easy to comprehend to the average layman. 

 Marketing content – and blogging, by extension – is very much a numbers game. The principle is with more content produced comes greater results. So, it is imperative to set and adhere to a content production schedule.   

Focused Long-Term Goals 
 The goal is long-term sustainability over fast business growth. Blog posts today still work for you in the future and may continue to bring in more traffic and potential clients. 

 Good SEO Practices Application 
 Great bloggers use varied techniques to attract more readers aside from keywords. They may apply strategies that: 

 Link to authority sites from within the blog 
  • Link internally to other, related content on the site itself 

  • Break up long text passages using graphics and sub-headlines  

  • Write compelling meta descriptions carefully 

  • Create content that other sites will link to 

Blog Promotion 
Creating new blog posts gives you an opportunity to promote yourself. Share content on social media and encourage your readers to do the same. Share your blog posts on your Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and anywhere else potential ideal clients can read them.   

Eclectic Content 
 Blog posts don’t necessarily have to be word articles. Make your posts more interesting by incorporating videos, infographics, and audio. You may also create short opinion pieces and use curated content.   

Fun & Style 
 Blog posts attract more traffic when readers “see” your personality through your writing. Have fun with producing your content and your readers will enjoy it as well. The more fun you have creating your blog posts will reflect on your content and make you consistent. 

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