A website is an asset for anyone who is in business. Your website is where prospective clients find and get to know you. Your website visitors will use it to learn more about you. It is the avenue for selling your products and services, gathering leads, branding yourself in your chosen niche, and basically showing off what you do the best. It is also the spot to host your webinars, offer group coaching programs, publish your podcasts, create your blogs, and even set up appointments for customers.  Isn’t that quite a feat to accomplish multiple tasks with just one website? And choosing an all in one content management system like WordPress can make it easy to do all those jobs more. 
  1. Simple and Quick Website Set Up
Using WordPress can help you create and go live on the internet in the time it takes to finish your morning tea. And it will take only about 5 minutes to create your website with “one-click installs” for WordPress offered by hosting companies. All that you need to complete the process after that is choosing a theme and adding content.   WordPress is easy and simple to use even for non-technically inclined people. And you can quickly find answers to all your questions from “how do I install WordPress” to “how can I create a membership site” with just a Google search because it has a huge community of helpful users. 
  1. Your Site, Your Style
It is easy to find a look that is the right fit for your brand and business because of the availability of thousands of free and premium themes. Customizing your website is a breeze with many themes offering easy, drag-and-drop editing of layouts, colors, and more. But, if you really want something designed just for you, there are thousands of capable developers who can build a design to your exact specifications. 
  1. Plugins Add Greater Flexibility
WordPress earned popularity early on by making this technical chore easy for new bloggers. Even though it was originally designed as a blogging platform, it is no longer known today as just a blogging tool. Instead, site owners use WordPress as the basis for: 
  • Shopping carts 
  • Membership sites 
  • Sales pages 
  • Wikis 
  • Personal journals 
  • Online directories 
  • Non-profit fundraising 
  • Video blogging 
  • Podcasting 
  • News sites 
  • Recipe blogs 
  • Photography sites 
  • And many more 
Combining themes and plugins – small software add-ons that install directly into your WordPress site – provide endless possibilities, so no matter what you require from a website, chances are good that WordPress can handle it. Its simply the number one website builder that does it all. 

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